Shirataki Noodles

Types of Shirataki Noodles

The first product we recommend is the yam (Konjac) shirataki noodles. These healthy noodles are made from a Japanese plant called the Konjac, or elephant yam. They are very high in fiber, and are the traditional type from Japan.  They come in different varieties like fettuccine or angel hair. They often have zero calories per serving. It sounds too good to be true but it is. The black variety of these has only 5-10 calories per serving. These noodles are also nicknamed devils tongue noodles since the plant they are made of is nicknamed devils tongue. You can purchase these noodles here Asian Food Grocer. Asian Food Grocer is the best place to just search for a variety of different brands of the noodles. See further down the page, however they have many different brands, as well as authentic Asian sauces, seasonings, gifts, and candy. Or you can buy them here Miracle Noodles Website. Miracle Noodles is a great brand as well. Unlike Asian Food Grocer, these guys only sell the Miracle Noodles brand. They have a wide variety of different noodles.

Brown Shirataki Noodles

This is a type of shirataki noodles which is oddly delicious as well. They are similar to the white shirataki noodles except they have 1 additional ingredient. They are turned brown by adding seaweed powder to them. This does not alter the taste at all, however it does add lots of extra calcium and iron. If you are looking for these added supplements try this variety of shirataki today! They are for sale at the Asian Food Grocer.

Black Shirataki Noodles

These noodles are very similar to the brown shirataki noodles. They have an additional ingredient which is turning them black. They have seaweed infused inside them. This similar to the brown has added health benefits like iron. The noodles taste very similar and absorb the taste and sauce of the food you are preparing them with. If you are looking to eat additional supplements with your meal, try these today. They are only 5-10 calories a serving depending on which brand you purchase!

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

The second product we recommend is the tofu shirataki noodles. These are becoming very popular in the USA currently, and are incredibly healthy. These diet noodles are perfect for anybody trying to lose weight! These noodles come in many varieties you already know such as angel hair, or fettuccine. They have a slightly different taste than the Konjac variety, however they taste incredible as well. Much of the health benefits are the same too! You can purchase tofu shirataki noodles on this site:  Tofu Shirataki Noodles.

Spinach Angel Hair Shirataki Noodles

This is a new product from Miracle Noodle. They say they have added spinach to their recipe for angel hair shirataki noodles. It has zero calories, and apparently holds sauce better. I just ate my first pack and can honestly say they are delicious! check them out here Miracle Noodle.

Where To Buy Shirataki Noodles

The best place to buy Shirataki Noodles is on They have a wide variety of every type of Noodle! They have every variety, white, black, brown, and tofu. You can even buy them by the individual pack. This is definitely the place to go to try shirataki! This site has a much wider variety of the noodles than Miracle Noodles website, since it has a lot of smaller brands. They have every variety of House, Matsuda, So-Yah, and JFC. They have all of these in white, tofu, black, and many other varieties like cubes and cakes. They even have shirataki already mixed with seasonings that are easy to prepare such as curry or wasabi.

Another great thing about, is that they have a huge variety of other Asian products. They have all types of Japanese sauces and seasonings which are delicious on the noodles. Some examples are curry, chili sauce, and barbque sauce when paired with a grilled meat.

You can also find these products on Miracle Noodles website. This is a great brand, and is certainly one of the largest ones for the noodles. If you are a fan of Shirataki like us, you should try these too. There not incredibly expensive either. They cost less than 4 dollars a pack. I found this site, and they claim to have had over one million sales. Why not give them a shot today? It’s such a small investment; you cannot lose just by trying them today. What are you waiting for? Take losing weight seriously and put it in your own hands. Start to get healthy by eating pasta now! Miracle Noodle Website . I personally love this site since they have some recipes and have medical studies proving how well these noodles work.

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