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    • Just adapted this recipe from yours. Please feel free to put it on your site. I love Shirataki!!!!

      Buffalo meat Alfredo

      1 lbs of ground up buffalo meat
      1 Red onion
      1-3 cloves of Garlic
      Grill master Smoked maple dry rub seasoning
      Heavy cream
      3-5 tablespoons of Butter
      Parmesan cheese
      Chopped fresh parsley
      1 red pepper
      1 yellow pepper
      2-3 bags Shirataki noodles of your choice I suggest fettuccini
      1. Add the grill master smoked maple rub onto the ground up buffalo meat
      2. Dice up ¼ of a red onion
      3. In a large frying pan melt butter (healthier use oil or PAM)
      4. Throw in the buffalo meat and onion into the melted butter, add more of the maple seasoning while the meat is cooking
      5. Slice up the peppers into strips and throw into the frying pan
      6. While the buffalo is cooking start making the alfredo sauce
      7. Once cooked set this aside.
      8. Preparing the alfredo sauce
      9. In a pot melt the butter
      10. Once melted add 1-2 cup of heavy cream, and let simmer for 5-10 minutes
      11. Mince the garlic up and throw into the simmering cream
      12. Throw in some parmesan cheese, and fresh parsley and let simmer for another 5-10 minutes
      13. Now take the cooked buffalo and throw it in the sauce
      14. Make your shirataki noodles and add to the sauce
      15. Spice it up throw some siracha hot sauce over your noodles mix well

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