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If you would like a link from our site, we do offer a link exchange! Please post one of these links on your site, and once we confirm its there, we will reciprocate.

To confirm our link please email us at the following information:
1. Title of your site
2. link to the page with our link on it

Our Links:
Shirataki Noodle Recipes
Delicious shirataki noodle recipes to help you lose weight
Shirataki Noodles
Tasty zero calorie noodles
Feeling overweight?
Check out these yummy tasty delicious noodles to help you lose weight today!

Our friends:

1. Live Maine Lobster tommorow night!
2. Best food Website This is a great directory of food websites on the web. Whatever your looking for they’ve definitely found online.
3.Japanese Food Gifts
Asian Food Grocer offers great variety in Asian foods and food-related items, including utensils, cookware, recipes, snacks, candy, and much more.
4. The Crab Place Delicious crabs and seafood supplier.
5. Dakota Buffalo Company Delicious buffalo meat in many different cuts that are not common.
6. Shirataki Noodles and Meatballs A great lens on Squidoo. Has recipes and other shirataki noodle resources.
7. Party Pipes A site made for partying. Has a lot of great drink recipes on it!
8. New York Bagels in a New York Minute. Order online!
9. Foods from spain Tons of foods from the Iberian peninsula. All of your favorite Spanish meats!
10. Gourmet Seasonings, and Spices These guys also have gourmet foods from France, Italy, and Spain

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