Dear Loyal Readers,

We here at the diet noodle shop love shirataki noodles. We have lost some weight with them. Like I said on my about us page was it all due to shirataki noodles? Probably not, I did go to the gym 5 days a week, took my vitamins and ate incredibly healthy every day. That being said shirataki noodles are incredibly healthy and you will see some results in a delicious way. We do make some money on this website. We are affiliated with every company that you see a banner for. We would not recommend those sites unless we trusted them as well. I would not recommend something I would not use myself. In conclusion, we do make some money on this site, however it is on things we have tried, and worked for us. We also would not recommend these products to you if we didn’t believe in them ourselves.

Thanks for your support


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